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Ford EcoBoost 1.0L wins second consecutive engine of the year award

New Ford Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost

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The EcoBoost 1.0L engine created by Ford has won for the second year in a row the International Engine of the Year.

Ford scored the highest ever point total for an engine with nearest rivals more than 70 points behind such as the Volkswagen 1.4-litre TSI TwinCharger in second place.

The 1.0-litre EcoBoost is currently offered in the following models Fiesta, B-MAX, Focus, C-MAX and Grand C-MAX. Ford will be adding to the range the Mondeo and commercial vehicles such as the Transit Van next year.

Dean Slavnich, co-chairman of the International Engine of the Year Awards said Baby EcoBoost – Ford's first-ever three-cylinder design – is still the engine to beat across the board. It's economical in real-world conditions while the compact turbo helps ensure that the entire package can power with ease larger vehicles like the Grand C-Max. Bravo Ford!

Up close with Ford EcoBoost 999c three-cylinder turbo

Number of cylinders
Bore x stroke
71.9mm x 82mm
Compression ratio
Power output

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