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New Ford Ka Studio 1.2 Litre 3 door review

The new Ford Ka Studio 2012 in green

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Behind the wheel

The new Ka model is particularly efficient with CO2 emissions at a lowly 115g/km. With its fuel consumption running at 57.7mpg, running costs are particularly low making it a fuel efficient vehicle that is as kind on the environment as it is on your wallet.

The Ford Ka can only reach a top speed of 99mph which may not get petrol heads talking but is more than sufficient for a car classed as a general run-around. Acceleration isn’t the fastest either with the car taking 13.4 seconds to reach 62mph from rest but in city environments, the KA’s home, this shouldn’t impact drivability.

The engine produces 68bph of power which is decent for a car this size, but unfortunately the chassis fails to block out wind noise, making it a relatively noisy drive.

Looks & Equipment

While the distinctive looks of the KA have won over numerous motorists over the years, equipment levels really let the vehicle down. Bluetooth, satellite navigation and MP3 connectivity are not standard features so any drivers who feel these are necessary inclusions will have to fork out extra cash to have them added.

There are no electric windows or mirrors, and the vehicle does not have air conditioning or climate control. Furthermore, central locking is not included with this model, making it extremely basic in terms of equipment.

The car can have rear parking sensors for drivers that are willing to pay an extra £200 but does not offer cruise control which may not be convenient for those planning on travelling long distances.

The car’s style is also basic but this is to its testament and newer models benefit from improved styling that makes this an attractive car to drive.

If you choose to purchase the car with metallic paint then you’ll undoubtedly raise the game in terms of style but this will cost an additional £445 on top of the standard model. It’s worth noting that this particular model does not give drivers the option to upgrade to alloy wheels though.

Interior wise the vehicle does not offer the option of leather seats, making the inside of the car fairly basic. This is ideal for those looking for an affordable, comfortable car that does what it says on the tin but for those after an injection of style, a different model may be better.

Newer models, such as the all-new KA debuted in 2008 benefit from a radically updated interior which combines colourful seating options with a smooth and sleek dashboard that is both practical and attractive.

As a city car, the KA does deliver impressive efficiency at 57.7mpg, keeping fuel costs down, but for longer journeys it can difficult to find a comfortable driving position as the seats have only limited movement and adjustability.

Blue Ford Ka 2012
Side shot of the new Ford Ka 2012 in blue.

Practicality, reliability & safety

Airbags are an important feature of any road vehicle safety but the KA falls a little short in this regard. No airbags are present in the front side area of the car with only driver and passenger airbags supplied as standard on this model.

For drivers looking for a vehicle with generous boot space, the KA only offers 224 litres when the seats are up; when the rear seats are folded, this increases to 747 litres which means practicality may be limited depending on the intended use for the car.

For large families, the practical restrictions of limited space may hinder the car’s appeal but for those after a small, affordable vehicle that performs adequately it will have just enough space to cope with general demands.

In terms of reliability, Ford is a reputable motoring brand with plenty of experience under its belt to make it a respected and reliable name. They offer a three-year warranty or cover of 60,000 miles with the KA; the standard for most vehicles.

Value for money

To buy the Ford KA Studio 1.2 3dr, consumers will need to spend £8,545 making it fairly affordable in the current market.

Although the model is fairly basic in terms of creature comforts, the low running costs mean it remains affordable throughout its lifetime and this is something that can appeal to the budget-conscious by offering fairly strong value for money.


This small city car is an ideal car for individuals or families looking to be cost effective with their vehicle this year. The Ford Ka produces low CO2 emissions at just 115g/km and is in the reasonable road tax band C. This vehicle continues to be cost effective with an efficient 57.7mpg.


As a small city car the Ka has only 3 doors and seats 4, as opposed to the more comfortable 5-seated cars. The car does not offer satellite navigation and unlike many other models on the market the Ka is not fitted with front side airbags with drivers expected to pay £250 for the fitting of airbags.


The Ford Ka Studio 1.2 3dr is a basic vehicle that performs effectively, delivering high mpg rates and a low tax rate. However, it lacks modern technological advances found as standard elsewhere in the motoring world so drivers looking for added extras such as Bluetooth or MP3 connectivity will be required to pay more.

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