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Can the all new Focus Electric retain Ford's crown as the greatest car of the next generation?

The new Ford Focus Electric

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We have covered future alternative fuels in our previous article. This month we take a look at the new Ford Focus Electric.

In July 2013 Ford started production of it's first Ford Focus Electric in Saarlouis, Germany. This is the first full electric vehicle built in Europe and spearhead's Ford's line up of highly efficient vehicles. The new Ford Focus Electric features an advanced electric motor that produces 145PS and achieves a top speed of 84mph. You will experience 100 percent torque as soon as your foot hits the pedal, with the lithium-ion battery powertrain providing a range of up to 100 miles.


  • Full charge - the battery only takes 3-4 hours to fully charge at home using a 32A power supply
  • Short charge - within 2-3 hours the battery can achieve a range of around 60 miles
  • Regenerative braking - up to 95% of kinetic energy is recovered from braking. To increase efficiency the innovative Brake Coach will encourage gradual braking to help return energy to the battery
  • EcoRoute Navigation - plan your trip to find the most economical way to get to your destination
  • Smartphone - use your smartphone to monitor or schedule your battery charging
  • SYNC® with MyFord Touch® - connect to your music, navigation and customise your Ford
  • Single-Speed Transmission - similar to an automatic transmission which has been built to handle high RPM and delivers a quiet energy efficient ride

The best benefit is that the Ford Focus Electric produces no exhaust emissions which means that there is no Road Tax to be paid as the vehicle is a zero-emission car.


The Ford Focus Electric takes inspiration from the new Ford Focus 2014 and looks similar from every angle with the addition of the aero grille from the new Ford Fiesta.

Ford Focus Electric 2014
Exterior - the Ford Focus Electric takes inspiration from the new Ford Focus 2014


The all-new interior looks futuristic and contains a new user interface called SmartGauge which displays the remaining 'energy' and calculates the range based upon the driver's braking, acceleration and the use of accessories such as climate control and audio systems.

With the new Ford Focus Electric, eco-conscious comes standard. Interior seat fabrics are made using REPREVE® fibre, a 100% recycled material with cushions made from bio-based foam derived from plant seed oils.

Ford Focus Electric 2014 interior featuring SmartGauge
Interior - Ford Focus Electric 2014 interior features SmartGauge


The new Ford Focus Electric has received a top safety rating in the US' NHTSA NCAP testing. New technologies have been implemented to improve the safety of the all-new Ford Focus Electric, featuring front and side airbag technology with tailored deployment for individual occupants. The driver's airbag uses a reconfigured curve-shaped tether system that pulls in the lower section to create a "pocket" to lessen the impact of the airbag on the driver. Innovative side airbags feature unique shoulder vents that stay open and reduce pressure for smaller occupants who typically benefit from reduced forces.


With electric car sales increasing all over the world, the need for Ford to produce the Focus Electric is a major milestone. We have no doubt that Ford's electric car is moving in the right direction, with no silly decisions such as “batteries not included”. Unlike other manufacturers who will be leasing vehicle batteries, Ford have decided to include batteries in the price of the vehicle.

The Ford Focus Electric will be joined by the Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in 2014, followed by the all-new Ford Mondeo Hybrid soon after. In the mean time, why not checkout the latest fuel efficient Ford Focus EcoBoost deals from New Car Bundle.

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